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Do I need crawl space Encapsulation?
Yes, it is worth it and you will not regret it. You can protect your crawl space from damages and health hazards, thus making it a very useful space for households.
Does crawl space need to be insulated?

Crawlspaces should be insulated.

Do I need crawl space Vents?

To have working vents in crawl spaces is a good idea. Vents allow outside air to circulate under the floor in summer to prevent the moisture buildup that encourages mildew and rot. Keep your crawl space dry and clean also prevent insects and rodents from living in the crawl space

Do I need a Vapor Barrier in my crawl space?
To have the healthiest crawl space area possible, we recommend getting a vapor barrier.  You don’t want moisture to seep into your crawl space because it can cause a ton of problems. not only can moisture enter your crawl space via a leak, but it can also come right up through the soil in your crawl space. Installing a vapor barrier in your crawl space will  help prevent that and keep the area dry and healthy.